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Thought for the day - Boat Prep

After a small technical glitch at Chelmsford last weekend I thought it best to go through the boat with a fine-tooth comb.

  1. Replaced the mainsail ties to the mast so the luff is the same distance from the mast at each sail tie. Now I can set the sail with mast bend and not have any creases at the luff ties.

  2. Replaced the broken cord connecting the jib boom to the boat.

  3. Checked all the sheets for wear, electric joints for any corrosion.

  4. The inside of the boat was bone dry

  5. Cleaned the replaced foresail with diluted soapy water to get any salt off it and dried with paper towels.

  6. Checked full A rig set up for rake, rig tension and the marks on the jib luff bowsie and back stay as well as sheeting positions.

  7. Spent some time brushing up on my rules knowledge

All should now be in place for racing at Emsworth tomorrow, 2 days later at the ranking event at Manor Park and then the Clive Hand trophy at Lincoln a week or so later.

I am eagerly waiting to see how our team does at the IOM Worlds. Fingers crossed they will have great weather and sailing conditions.

Good luck in your racing.

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