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Thought for the day - Championship Preparation

An IOM yacht is only one metre long but like a full scale yacht there are 101 things to check before a championship. Here is the list of little things I have been working through. I am sure you have yours.

Stop sheet fairleads sliding forward on the boom by wrapping tape around the boom just in front of the fittings.

Set jib booms as low as possible to keep the sails centre of effort low

Check there is no movement in the mast at the foot and where it enters the deck

Make sure all lines ar new and free running

Check all the knots are secure and super glued

Make sure you have spare burgees

Check the fin and bulb are the correct weight and smooth

Check the jib sheet angles are symmetric. Subject of a previous thought

Make sure your spreaders are secure and perpendicular to the mast

The hull is polished

Winch is checked.

Enough batteries available for 3 days racing

The mainsheet pulley is secured and aligned so there is no possibility of a snag

Check the boat still measures, for weight, bulb depth etc

Make sure you have elastic bands to tension leach line on the jib

Read the notice of race again to make sure you have everything required

Go through my web site to make sure I am fully prepared and remember what to do before during and after racing.

Make sure checklists are up to date

My goal is to go to the Nationals with everything well prepared so I just focus on the sailing. Niggling problems can be so destructive once the event gets underway when time is at a premium to learn about the water.

3 racing days to go at Gosport before champs.

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