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Thought for the Day - Changes on the back of weekend's racing

The first change is on the mast. I internally secured both the shrouds and the top of the jib using a bowsie inside the mast as per instructions used on Sailsetc rigging plan. The problem with this method is everything is permanently attached to the mast and if anything breaks it is hard to repair. I will continue to internally secure the shroud but will move over to a hook on the jib so it is easily replaced in seconds if damaged. The shrouds can be changed with relative ease provided as spare is ready.

I was probably the cause of the broken shroud. Earlier this year I added some prebend to the mast and ran the prebend roller over the shroud exit point several times. This more than likely stressed the wire, eventually snapping over the weekend. Talk about bad timing.

One addition to the jib head attachment was to add short length of chord from the hook and then attaching the jib luff and the topping lift to this. It makes the jib swing freely. Again I saw a note on this whilst looking for spares on Sailsetc. Cant think why I missed it before.

Finally I bought some fishing small wire crimping pliers. They are cheap and with the ferrules from SAILSetc, termination can be neater and require less bending of the wire. I cover the crimps with heat shrink plastic.

If all this works on the A rig when tested I will do the same for the B and C rig.

Now all I have to do is go through a what if exercise. i.e if something breaks how do I fix it so I am never caught out again with gear failure. For example

Hole in boat

Electric failure

Broken mast

Ripped main or jib

Broken jib/main boom

Transmitter dropped in the water

The list is quite long but well worth investing the time to avoid disappointment

I have until April when the Nationals will be held 400 miles away from home near Glasgow.

Onwards and upwards

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