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Thought for the day - Eliminating weak points, topping lift and transmitter covers.

Jib Topping lift

Anyone who has seen my boat has comment that my jib topping lift tension system is going to be prone to failure as I run a line through a hole in the boom and then run it forward to an elastic band attached to the forward end of the boom. In the picture below, you can just see where the tensioner comes out of the lower side of the boom with a tiny ball stopper just above the R on the Britpop logo. At Chipstead in the wind, the B rig survived for 8 races and then gave way. To risky to continue with this system.

A quick look on the Sailsetc found me the perfect fitting. HERE is the fitting on the sailsetc web site which you push into the end of the jib boom. It provides a nice smooth round entry into the boom to accommodate my tensioning system. Fingers crossed no more fraying

With the new fitting. It looks neat and the topping lift slides smoothly keeping better tension.

Transmitter cover issues

When I use my transmitter cover, I find an annoying fold forms in the top of the cover just over the rudder stick which catches the thumb when I move the stick left and right. I looked around for a better cover, thought about putting inserts in to eliminate the fold but could not find a solution. I saw that Graham Bantock has a cover with a plastic dome to give him complete freedom of movement and this is available for sale but it is expensive compared to the fabric ones.

Finally I thought about how I was wearing the cover. When sailing I always carried the transmitter using the strap just to prevent loss if I dropped the thing. My hands would go under the transmitter pulling the fabric down and thus pulling the fabric down onto my hands on the control sticks restricting movement. It eventually dawned on me that if I shortened the strap and rested my hands so the strap pulled the top of the cover upwards, I had clear movement of my hands.

The last issue is the fact the boat weighed in at 4018gms. A change of battery from 1600 to 1000mAh will save me 25gms and with a lighter weight jib for meetings, means I can add weight to the correctors to keep me legal.

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