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Thought for the day - Fate intervened???

Maybe it was fortuitous that I did not go to Lincoln. Aside from the wind, the 4 hour journey and the rain, I used some of the free time to rummage around inside the boat to see how I could lose 18gms of weight, when I found a small piece of bent lead fixed to the bottom underneath the winch (see first picture below). It was clearly not part of the main corrector weight. Curiously there was a cable stuck under the weight and when I removed it, there was a cable connector pinned to the bottom of the boat as well. Not a good place for a connector when there is salt water occassionally in the boat. As I lifted the connector, the positive wire fell out and clearly you could see the corrossion. Recently I had wondered wondered why I had occassional intermittent RX connection? Now I know.

A quick solder job and the connection was as good as new and I removed 17gms of weight. The connector is now suspended in mid air to stay dry and away from salt water.

I have a viewing scope which I ran right through the hull and apart from the correctors being a bit clunky and not optimised all was good. i can't improve the correctors without removing the radio pot and I know how difficult a job that is so I will leave them be for now.

The other little jobs done were to fix a chip in the deck from a port and starboard incident at Chipstead, yes I was on starboard as the crack is on the port side, and finally fix 2 chips on the fin that came from the previous owner.

Here is the lead corrector with the cable running underneath and you can just see the connector in yellow

The result of corrosion. The red cable fell out as I lifted the connector. It was only a matter of time. Could I have travelled 8 hours there and back for nothing this weekend.

The removed lead. 17gms

The other job was to get the boat down to weight.

At the weigh in on Thursday on calibrated scales at Gosport, the weight was 4018gms. I am getting a lighter receiver battery, 1000mAh (50gms) instead of 1600 (68gms) which was overkill and will save 18gms but I am getting a new servo which will add 25gms. The removed corrector was 17gms and the lightweight jib should save me 7gms meaning I should be bang on weight. All I need to do then is check the fore and aft trim or the amount of bow out of the water in the Gosport tank and see as well, whether I can drop the fin a fraction. Last time we looked there was a gap of a few mm.

One day I will run out of jobs to do on this boat. It is 8 years old so I guess it needs nursing from time to time. At least the electrics should be good for a while. All bar the winch was replaced.

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