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Thought for the Day - Final preparations for the season

Its taken a while to get all the bits together, but here is the racing kit for the season.

Britpop hull, BG sails, PG spars

2 A rigs. 1 for club racing with used sails. One for racing, i.e. opens, rankings and Nationals with new main and 2 new jibs. A lightweight jib for the Nationals and ranking events and heavy for opens.

2 B rigs. 1 racing (only used half a dozen times) and 1 for club racing

1 C rig. Used once

David Potter did a fabulous job on the pre-bending of the new masts (thank you David) and the rigs when set up look fabulous. On the A rig I can go from straight mast to smooth bend throughout to straight low and bent at the top.

I have a full toolbox of spares and should be prepared for anything that the season can throw at me.

Bring on the racing. Second event of the year on Sunday at Chipstead and next Sunday at Lincoln.

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