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Thought for the day - Good day at Emsworth

The wind blew straight down the Slipper Pond providing a good course with a swinging breeze. The sun shone brightly and we were blessed to be standing in a car park with no wind. The gloves came off and the coats undone.

The start line was heavily port bias but it did not pay to be right at the port end as there could be less breeze and you get trapped out on the left by any starboard boats. It took me a few races to find that out so most of the time I was playing catch up which was great practice for the bigger events in the year. When I did get a good start, boat speed got me to the windward mark first. With 16 boats, the trick was not to get boxed in on the start line. Having a big gap in front of you is great to accelerate into and if you can tack onto port early even better.

The mast and sail combination seemed better suited with the raking of the spreaders of the spreaders. It will be interesting to see how this all works when I get the new sails for the Nationals as the current sails have been well used. I can only remember a couple of days where I used the B rig in the last year.

Overall result, 1st by 3 points after 10 races. Worst result was a 4th.

Next stop Manor Park on Sunday. Long journey to that one.

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