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Thought for the day - How little could you spend building a competitive IOM

The previous post on IOM costing, assumed you buy the best of everything for a top class competitive boat. But what could you do if you had the tools or built in wood and bought fittings spars and sails from the most competitively priced suppliers. The package would get you on the water and give you a decent boat to race competitively at your club, unless of course you happen to sail at Birkenhead where the best of the best live and sail.

Coat of building plug and first hull assuming I have tools £300

2 pack spray paint top coat £30

2 pack epoxy primer £40

Bought in, Bulb, fin, rudder, fin box and radio pot holder from Dave Creed £180

Hull and spar fittings and sails £300

Other fittings £30

Rudder servo £15

Flysk Radio transmitter and receiver £50

Winch and switch £50

Battery £15

Rig Box (Correx and wood) £40

Rig stick £5

Appendage protectors £3

Boat stand £10

Total £1000ish

With some innovative thinking on fittings and building in wood, the price could be even cheaper.

One school girl built an IOM in wood as a school project albeit with donations from other IOM skipper and probably spent less than £400 on the full package.

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