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Thought for the day - If I wasn't so old I would sail a Laser in my spare time

Just noticed a feed on facebook which said you can buy a brand new laser for £4,999. Of course you have to add in a trolley, a roof rack to transport the boat, a cover sailing kit and Insurance. Once upon a time in my youth I regularly sailed the boat and was delighted to see the costs are still reasonable. Better than a top end International Moth at £30k a pop although you do get to travel at 28 knots upwind.

Interesting that for less than the price of a Laser, you could get kitted up with a professionally built IOM including all the bits needed for racing and transportation and you do not need the insurance if you are a member of the MYA or similar. Now if that isn't outstanding value I do not know what is. The only challenge is there is a long queue and longish wait to get hold of one.

Of course there are many second hand boats, with several designs capable of getting you to the front of the fleet or you could always take up the option of an Alioth 3d printed kit. This route will get you on the water for somewhere between £400 - £2000 depending on the degree of pimping you want to do with a competitive package. The major money on a second hand boat is in the rigs. Get the rig right with the right design and you have a winner.

What are the good second hand designs/home builds. I need some help with this one but I know of a few.

Red Wine, Alternative and Isotonic are three that come to mind. Does anyone have knowledge of the faster designs in the second hand market worth an investment? It would be a valuable addition to the web site.

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