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Thought for the Day - Job done

The re-rig of the M's 5 rigs is complete thanks to the current heat wave. It was a great way of using up some of my accumulated stock of wire and cord so effectively done for free apart from my time.

Its 38 degrees here at the moment so not a lot going on outside. Hiding inside the house trying to stay cool and waiting for my transmitter to turn up so I can complete the rigging job and start the business end of tuning.

There is not a lot to do with the IOM. The racing sails hang quietly in the corner of the study and the training sails and spares are getting a hammering. I will definitely need to get another heavy jib for the winter and fit my spare main once the old one dies but there is plenty of life in them yet.

Looking forward to the weed cut at Gosport and the weed dying at Frensham as it gets cooler so I can get on with some sailing.

It is interesting to see the number of Alioth designs appearing all done using 3D printing. The day is coming where this might be the way to produce model boats quickly and cheaply. One appeared in the top 15 in a National championship.


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