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Thought for the Day - Jubilee weekend

It is staggering to think that the queen is the longest serving monarch, having held her role for 70 years. Long may she continue to reign. There were great celebrations all over the country and London felt like it had the atmosphere of the olympics in 2012. Will Brad Gibson, Rob Walsh and Peter Stollery be able to continue their domination at the top of the class in the UK for 70 years. It's about time they let someone else had a turn.

Where is the new order going to come from. There are several new skippers in the South who are gradually getting their act together and if they are able to race each other on a regular basis, who knows. It takes time to serve an apprenticeship in this class but at least we have one advantage insofar as all the designs and setup numbers are clearly understood. Getting a fast boat on the water is straight forward. The challenge is developing the sailing technique and stringing together a set of top results without any hiccups.

I feel at a turning point in my journey. All the homework is done and occasionally I am getting a breakthrough in results but the real test will be at the end of the month at the next ranking event and then there are two more later in the year.

I mentioned the other day about checking the alignment of the fin and mast. I set the boat up and used the edge of a door to provide a vertical. Happy to say the Robot yacht is symmetric. The shrouds are of identical length and the mast is perfectly aligned with the fin.

Off for a few days golf now but back at it on Thursday and Sunday. Live the dream and raise a glass to our Queen

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