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Thought for the day - Lessons applied and final boat optimisation.

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

We had another super days racing at Gosport in tricky conditions. As I drove down through wind and heavy rain I was wondering why I bothered, but on arrival the rain stopped and excellent B rig conditions prevailled. Out with the boat half an hour before racing and it was perfect B rig conditions until the skies cleared and the wind died. Forecast was for 18 - 30 mph so something was up. We all changed rapidly to A rig which proved to be the right rig for the first 4 races but then the wind picked up again.

Having learnt my lessons on Tuesday about the boat set up, the red boat was flying. Easy to control, balanced and easy to tack. The wind was very shifty and it was easy to slip up but managed to get a great set of results together and took the day. It was great to see some young blood in the field who won a race today. Thomas Peace who is in the Topper southern youth training squad, and comes to sail at GMYBC when he has the time and opportunity - and roughs it with us oldies! A very promising and pleasant young skipper.

After the racing I got the boat in the measuring tank to look at two things. One was the fore and aft balance of the boat which I am happy to say is good. The bow was out of the water for just under an inch from the back of the bow bumper so no need to do anything. The other thing was to see if I could drop the bulb/fin as I know we had approximately a 5 mm gap to the measuring bar. Sure enough, it could drop 4.5mm which does not sound a lot but sailing hard up wind, moving 2.5kg, 4.5mm further out is quite a bit of righting moment.

When I got home I put together spacers on top of the fin and packed out the trailing edge with Isopon so the fin was nice and snug in the case.

The last thing was to replace my futaba 3010 servo with a BLS471sv. It was not a cheap replacement but the rudder is tighter with no movement and centres perfectly every time.

Following on from the rules comments yesterday, there are some great rules Youtube

videos by Sailszing and an example of which is HERE

Finally the results - It was a close days racing.

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