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Thought for the day - Lincoln Cancelled

So there I was, with my better half sorting out the van, for the journey up on Saturday night when the email came through from Jen to say that Lincoln had frozen over. It is such a shame as the forecast was for Upper A rig conditions.

I will miss the bacon rolls and endless cups of tea and my 10,000 steps walking up and down the side of the lake.

So what to do but sit in the van, doors open, bathed in sunshine with a glass of amber nectar (scotch) with my lovely lady and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. After an hour or so in the van, we staggered with the dogs around the wood for a lovely walk and watched the burnt orange sky as the sun set listening to owls hoot and pigeons flap away as we walked under their tree.

Sunday will now be a day of leisure instead of fantastic IOM racing on one of the best venues in the UK.

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