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Thought for the day - Little things

I took the Marblehead for a sail with the Swing A rig at Frensham the other day and managed to thread my way through the weed. There were a few niggling issues which are all fixed.

No tell tales on the A swing rig jib.

No Wind indicator at top of mast

The sheeting travel limits would not let the boom out to 90 degrees

A feeder of the endless sheet to the winch pulley was miss-aligned

A feeder tube for the sheeting through the hull was corroded and not running smoothly.

No receiver voltage on the new spectrum transmitter. After a little research I have access to a flight log screen which not only displays voltage but issues alarm if it gets too low.

Other than that, the boat appeared to be operating nicely and appeared to be balanced and the rig looked good with similar twist in main and jib. Of course without a Gizmo, I cannot control the leech tension when racing but I have enough on my hands to understand the various rigs and tuning.

So it is down to more practice and as my senior captain duties at the golf club ease in October, I will get more time on the water to "sharpen the saw" as my friends in the Middle East used to say.

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