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Thought for the day - Marblehead Developments

My first job with the boat after initial racing was to modify the headsail system so I can:

Raise and lower the jib boom, raise for light weather and pull down as low as possible for a breeze.

Get the sheeting point at the aft end of the boom closer to the sheet take off point on the boat so I can get more accurate sheet angles.

Before an explanation of what I did, here are the pictures of the old and the new layout

The old layout.

The jib height is fixed, the fittings were old and narly and difficult to adjust. Note the sheet pulled the end of the boom down as well as in.

The new layout

Using some old IOM cut offs I was able to craft the above. The yard is bent up slightly as a straight yard hit the deck.

One bowsie to raise and lower the tack of the jib. The cable ties are glued to the boom

Cunningham eye attached to moveable cable ties at the front of the boom.

The clew of the jib is tied to the boom with cord

Bowsie to control depth of the sail tied off at end of boom

Bowsie to control sheeting angle.

With the adjustable controls in place, I have the option to raise the boom and the tack of the jib for light weather and bring it as low as possible when pressure increases. I left a bit of adjustment on the take of point on the forward yard in case I have any balance issues and need to move the jib boom forward or back.

Once all proven and tested and I can get the boat competitive then I will look at carbon booms. So far the rig is 20gm lighter.

Next job is to fit the adjustable mainsheet post when it arrives. I found the the fixed post that came with the boat was just high enough for the swing rigs but too low for for B and C rigs.

Finally today I managed to shed 25 gms off the hull by trimming the edges of the deck holes. There is no structural impact here and the job was quick, neat and easy to do with a Dremel. I removed the bung at the bow of the boat and replaced with a circular spot of sail repair cloth and pealed the blue stripe off the hull. Unfortunately I am struggling to see where else I can lose weight. Still a minimum of 60-100gms overweight.

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