Thought for the day - More dodgy wiring

Updated: Apr 4

In finishing the job moving the correctors forward I noticed a joint in the wiring from the switch to the battery. Based on what else I have seen inside the boat I decided to replace the switch and adjoining wiring. Having done that I can now say I have replaced everything inside and outside the boat apart from the hull, fin and rudder. Call me a neurotic anorak.....

Testing the boat tomorrow. 27 days to go with one Open event to the Nationals.

By the way check the videos of the US nationals and Aussie Nationals on Facebook. There are some great presentations which I would love to link to.

Here is a taster of the US Nationals

This week I will be testing the boat with the new weight distribution, sailing and check weighing the boat at Gosport, Tuesday and the racing in the Open at `Poole at the weekend, then lots of start and manoeuvre practice before the Nationals.

Wish me luck. At least I now have no excuses apart from my ability.

The sunsets are just as good in the UK as the US, just a lot colder

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