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Thought for the day - More on Corrosion Solutions

Following the conditions at Fleetwood at their Twixmass regatta, it showed the value of waterproofing your electrics. Racing all day in big waves and C rigs on salt water does not agree with the stuff inside your boat. IOMs can be dry on the inside, both the radio pot and the hull, at least mine is since I fitted breather tube to stop water sucking in the radio pot.

There is plenty of time for boat maintenance over the winter months, so I thought I would post a a link to a useful site.

If you do have water ingress then there are many solutions for you to protect your electrics provided by the DF class (via You Tube) because the DF boats can suffer from water ingress. In the video, Chuck LeMahieu explains how to protect the receiver, rudder servo and wires with Corrosion X and ReelX marine grease. See link below.

One more thing I learnt today after racing at Gosport is that there is a product called Turbo Lube Gel which is good for getting in around receiver connectors to stop them discolouring or corroding.

Other corrosion resisting products are Lanolin sprays which are equally as effective at solving the corrosion problem and when an RC engine is fully sprayed it will work underwater.

There is a lot of good info on Youtube but above all get your electrics protected and you will never have any issues.

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