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Thought for the Day - Pimping the B Rig

As it is hot outside today (35 degrees at 3.30pm), I took the opportunity to look at the B rig. Its conventional with a carbon rod across the foredeck to support the Jib and the sheeting. Never seen it before but it does the job although not particularly aerodynamic. Its a little annoying as once in place, you cannot adjust the mast ram without removing the mast. looking at the rig a number of things needed replacing as I do not trust 6 year old discoloured cord and a backstay wire that finished over a foot off the deck.

The list included;

New sheets

New backstay and adjuster cord.

Replaced cord jib leach line with wire and new adjuster.

Replaced line between jib head and mast and fashioned a better mast hook.

The cunninghams and jack stay adjuster look old but nothing bad will happen if they break.

Once set up and tensioned the rig looked really nice however only time will tell if it is up to speed and reliable.

Next step is to go through the same process with the other rigs.

Once I have the transmitter and electrics set up I can try the boat out and check if it is balanced. If it is I can go racing.

One key component I am missing is a Gismo on the A swing rig which is a device to allow you to tighten and ease the leeches of the main and jib whilst sailing. There is a definite advantage to having one of these devices but that will come once I have raced and know where I stand on speed.

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