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Thought for the day - Quick update

Been a busy period packing as much sailing in as I can. Wins at Emsworth's Cock of the Millpond, an exclusive regatta, report here) and the Veterans Nationals (report here) capped off a very nice week. It was a shame there were not more vets but with the weekend overlapping with Aintree Grand National, there was little accommodation and that available was expensive.

One thing I became aware of at the Veteran's, was that I had an annoying habit of interfering with the rudder when the boat is sailing fast and straight off the start line. One twitch on the rudder would often put me half a boat length back and into all sorts of trouble. Once I got this sorted and let go, the boat would fly off the start line and sail fast and straight. I also noticed the same thing on the run and now I point the boat in the right direct and let go of the toggle, only moving it to gybe or account for a wind shift. This resulted in a significant improvement in performance.

Overall I managed to stay out of trouble with only two infringements. One I could not avoid, tacking for a starboard boat into a port boat, just to to windward of me, and one where I tried to tack in front of a starboard boat off the start line just as the wind shifted on me. My apologies to the the owner. When I first sailed in this event three years ago, I was involved in numerous collisions, because I had not learned to judge the speed of the boats. To be fair it was my first event.

I kind of regret not going to the Marblehead worlds, but given the long drive and the potential forecast for lightish winds and the fact I am doing 34 other events this year, I am happy not going. Good luck to the British team.

Next stop is Coalhouse Fort and then Watermead and then a gradual build up to the next ranking event at Lincoln in May.

Crossing the finishing line at the Veterans on a gloriously sunny day

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