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Thought for the Day - Racing at Emsworth on the Slipper Pond

A fabulous day with and ideal B rig wind blowing down the pond and a nice chop. I check weighed the boat before heading out and was carrying an extra 36gm lead in the radio pot. Once I have got an accurate all up weight with the lightweight jib I can finalise correctors and bond them into the bottom for the boat.

It was a good day for me with plenty of wins apart from 2 races where I pushed too hard on one start and was over the line and caught the outer mark around the fin in another start.

I have solved my tacking woes in a chop. In the past, I tacked the boat and then had to put too much helm on to get the boat off the wind and moving on the new tack. If you get the twist right on the main and jib, you can just flick the boat round and it will accelerate away without touching the helm.

The new servo worked well and I have total confidence now in the handling of the boat. Hard to know if dropping the fin 4.5mm made any difference but I am sure it helps.

Finally I have a regular salt water sailing clean up routine, in addition to splashing the hull and sails with fresh water. The inside of the boat is rinsed with fresh water along with the insides of all the spars (mast and booms). Finally the electrics have a tiny spray of Corrosion X.

The next outing will be at Frensham on Tuesday although the weather forecast is mixed, good wind direction but plenty of rain and then Emsworth again on Thursday. Should be fun.

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