Thought for the day - Racing at Frensham

The wind was at the mid range for the A rig. We had a short start line with a good beat followed by a square course back to the leeward mark. There were 7 boats in the end. Whilst I was fastest upwind, there were always a couple of boats that were noticeably fast on the reaches meaning it was very hard to escape the fleet and one mistake could put you back a couple of places. All in all it was a fantastic day with the wind in the best direction for Frensham from the NNE.

The one change I had made for today was to increase the prebend in the mast from 8mm to 13mm. Now I have control over the tension in the Jib leach. Now I just need to check the B rig prebend.

My thanks to the Frensham Radio Sailing Group for making Tuesdays so much fun.

I maybe racing on Thursday at Emsworth if the wind is in the right direction.

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