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Thought for the Day - Racing at Gosport

With the wind running down the lake all was set up for a fantastic mornings racing with good shifts and gusts in the wind to keep us all on our toes. It was medium B rig weather with the odd nose dive. 17 boats started out for the 8 races run brilliantly as ever by Paul Edwards. This is the first day I have tried out coping strategies for distractions that effect me when racing and I have to say the results appeared to work but as they say one swallow does not make a Summer. More on this topic in a future blog.

The boat setup was good although the jib was a bit full in early races but once the foot was flattened off a bit, the boat went like a rocket. Even with the B rig, tiny changes in the setup FROM THE BASE NUMBERS can make a massive difference to performance.

My results were excellent and avoided major errors and collision. In one race someone came in from behind and leeward and nudged me with 20 secs to go from the start and I just had room and opportunity to do a 360 turn and start 2-3 boat lengths behind the fleet. I still managed to win the race. The 5th place came when I got the wind shifts completely wrong on the second beat. C'est la Vie.

For some reason I was on the ball for the wind shifts with clear mind and total focus and won most of the races. Good to discard a 2nd place. Plenty more races to go over the winter to hone skills for the next big event.

See results below

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