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Thought for the day - Receivers in carbon fibre hulls

When I start sailing my Marblehead, the receiver fell into the bottom of the boat. I could only sail 50 yards before the telemetry alarm start beeping. Later I reinstalled the receiver into the area where it had previously been stuck and the alarm would go off a little further out on the pond. Only when I raised the receiver to close to the lid of the radio area, did I get the full range of the spectrum transmitter receiver. Strange things radio signals in carbon fibre.

It was a fabulous day at the pond today with the wind blowing from the NE but sadly there was too much wind to do anything constructive.

The boat is pretty but I suspect at the upper end of the weight scale and a new set of sails required to be competitive. Next spring I will investigate the GIZMO and a light swing rig and maybe even do some racing. More golf tomorrow and then off to Gosport or Emsworth for some good racing.

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