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Thought for the day - Rig check the IOM

With the recent focus on the Marblehead it was time to scrutinise my IOM. A desktop check so to speak. First, there were two new jibs to connect to new lightweight booms to be used later in the year and then rig both the training and racing rigs to check the following (in no particular order).

The mast is straight and in column

The shroud tensions are equal and at correct tension

(There must have been stretch as tension was down and I had to adjust the locking nuts to straighten the mast and adjust tension)

Test setup by easing sheets fully and checking main leach tension on each gybe. Leech flex should be the same

Spreaders are raked back 2 degrees

Side of main Boom (A rig) is 10mm out from centre of mainsheet post and sheet hook marked.

Mast rake checked on all jibs and adjustment lines marked.

When sheeted in, check the Jib boom is set inside shroud and sheet hook position marked on jib boom

Reset sheeting lead eye on all jib booms so all are same distance from tack line to sheet lead. (I have a few booms and wondered why the sheet hook positions were different on each boom. Then I discovered this measurement and now all settings are identical). You could argue they should have been right in the first place.

Do same measurement on main boom measuring from back of mast. Both boom sheet leads were identically positioned

It is amazing how a small amount of movement can change your setup and therefore speed.

The next outing is at Manor Park although the wind is directly offshore from our sailing point. could be an interesting day.

Just as an aside, does anyone know where one can acquire a starting box? There is a new club looking for one.

Perfect sail shape. Max cord 30-40 % from mast. Hard to tell without the band

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