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Thought for the day - Sail replay - for those tricky contact situations

I came across the following application which is brilliant for replaying situations on the race course. After downloading the app I produced the following within 5 minutes.

It shows an incident that occurred a few weeks ago at Gosport and none of us knew what the rule was. The yellow and blue boat were approaching the windward mark on port. The yellow boat was laying the mark and was inside the blue boat but had no overlap. The blue boat shouted don't go in there. no mark room thinking it was OK to tack into the yellow boat. When the blue boat tacked it hit the yellow boat before its sails were full on the new tack.

When we looked through the rules we could not find anything that covered this however on looking at a case study, we resolved the situation. A yacht tacking or gybing has to keep clear of a yacht on a tack. In this case the mark is irrelevant as both boats are beating and tacking.

How could blue have avoided the situation or even fouled the yellow boat to his advantage.

Option one would have been for the blue boat to bear way a bit to give room to tack and then call starboard. Option B which is not my preferred option would be to slow slightly and as soon as yellow starts to tack, turn as hard as possible hitting the yellow boat. In this situation blue would be exonerated as when two boats are tacking, the one on the others port side is deemed in the wrong in the event of a collision. This is more of a situation to be used in team racing or match racing. In carrying out this manoeuvre one has to remember a fundamental rule to avoid collisions at all cost. Lastly if yellow had panicked and tacked to try and avoid contact, she would be in the wrong if there was a collision for the same reason as previously stated.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand word. More on this app on the web site later.

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