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Thought for the day - The boat is finished

A, B and C rigs are all complete, correctors in, fin in, rudder in, dash pot in, electrics in and tested, the winch and sheet lines are all set up and programmed. Final job is to put the boat on its side and setup the mast and sails, do the final programming on the winch for the sheet set up and check the sails match the mast bend.

Today I bought a piece of square stripwood to create a rake measuring stick so I can easily set up the rig to the same rake each day. I also made a cutout from a glass sheet I made to act as the sail depth measure on the main and jib foot. That with my checklist gives me the ability to consistently set up the boat and then just tweak to for the conditions of the day.

All this combined with the boat box, rig box and stand gives me a full package worth up to £4000 if I bought from a commercial supplier. Just for interest the second epoxy glass boat cost me less than £400 including the new masts. Mind you `I probably knocked up a high cost in labour time.

I love the new silver PG masts from Potters Solutions especially on the B rig which is so powerful. It is so stiff for its weight and gives me a nice base for my Housemartin sails.

Overall I am very pleased with the new build and rigs, with the only small complaint around my paint job which whilst effective is not ideal. It chips easily so I expect to do lots of touching up during the season. Thats what you get for using industrial acrylic paint but it does spray out of a can and gives a nice finish..

So the boat build is now done and I can get on with building a sailing programs.

Tomorrow I will think about what I want from the rig and sail combination and how they work together.

Finally it as great to see some sailing at Charleston MYG in the US. Great looking venue and some good racing. See here for video.

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