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Thought for the Day - The last racing of 2022

I read with envy the story of the Twixmass racing at Fleetwood. Whilst the DF95's did not have the best of the wind the IOM's had a belter of a day with up to 30 knot winds and 20 or so boats. There were even a few "up from the South" who all did well. C rigs ruled and it must have been so much fun.

As for me I was down at Gosport. We only had 7 boats but the racing was so competitive. One blink and you could lose 3 places or more. We sailed the first four races on B rig and the wind eased considerably to A rig. So everybody changed up instead of enjoying a half time cup of tea and as soon as we put the boats on the water the wind blew. One broken jib boom after a major wipe out was enough for the B rigs to return so we could continue racing.

The joy of Gosport is that when the wind blows down the lake you get a great windward leeward courses. My phone picked up the fact I did nearly 8000 steps over 8 races. Fantastic sailing and exercise to boot. Worst result was a second so I consider it a good day as I had not sailed the boat since Chipstead.

Since fitting a breather tube, the boat and radio pot remain bone dry despite some serious dips during the morning. Best investment I have made on the boat.

Next stop is Gosport or Emsworth on Thursday depending on the wind and then off to the MYA council meeting on Saturday and the the Charity race at Hampton Court on Sunday.

The sailing program is set for the year and I even costed it out for fuel and other expenses. There are 2-3 club racing opportunities each week and I plan to use as many as I can to build the skills and sharpness for the big events later in the year. It's a case of getting the time on the water before the weed grows again.

Happy New year to you all

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