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Thought for the day - Things I should start, continue and stop doing

I was racing at Gosport on May 12th. With 16 boats, it was like an open meeting sailed in light to medium A rig conditions but very shifty. Gosport lake is a curious beast. In a WSW wind, at one end of the lake, the wind comes in at a SW angle. At the top end of the lake the wind is more westerly. Somewhere in between is a transition zone. Get the beat right and you are golden. Get it wrong and you can look such a fool.

It was a difficult day and I picked up seagrass and a small jellyfish on the rudder in 2 races which you can see from the results. There is no point moaning as it was the same for everybody and the results averaged out

What I should continue doing

Stay behind the line at the start of the races.

Develop the habit of winning races

Sail fast and free most of the time

Sailing all round the course before the first race to assess what is going on

Offering hearty congratulations to the winner

Looking up the course for new wind

Sailing down a run in clear air.

Have a clear plan for the first part of the windward leg

Developing a gap to leeward at the start so I can sail fast and free

Maintain absolute concentration during a race

What must I stop doing

Tacking to cross a line of starboard boats when there is no chance of crossing them

Approaching a windward mark on port and trying to barge my way in

Tacking into a header although sometimes it was hard to see the wind shift

tacking to leeward of a starboard boat instead of going behind and then being forced to the wrong side of the course

Sail for any length of time in dirty air from another boat

Get trapped on the wrong side of the fleet on the first beat.

What must I start doing

Better position myself so I can see when to bear away at the windward mark when you cannot see the bow wave hit the mark

Sailing smarter in relation to the fleet on the first beat and getting to the correct side to take benefit of the first few shifts.

Tracking the above and more should help me become a better sailor. Work to do.

Some of you may wonder why my sail number has changed. Same boat just a personal sail number.

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