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Thought for the day - Time for pre-season maintenance if you are in the Northern hemisphere

Now I no longer have the blue boat to work on, I started reviewing the Britpop. I sorted the knotty slippage problem I had when last sailing at Gosport but a leaky radio pot has given another issue.

I solved the issue of the leaky radio pot by inserting a cut down Kilner jar rubber seal which I can confirm from a rough wet cold morning at Frensham Pond, has done its job admirably. The pot was bone dry.

However on close inspection I note the pins on the receiver are dirty, and I am not sure what corrosion has happened inside the rc futaba connectors for the rudder and winch. I can see slight traces of blue green which is not good. In addition I can see a bare wire just poking out of the futaba connector for the winch which provides power to the receiver. Luckily Component shop has spare parts for futaba connectors which are gold plated so 5 are on their way to me along with some spare balancing connectors for my Life batteries. Another first to put one of these together. This time I watch you tube first.

I also bought some wd 40 specialist contact cleaner to clean the pins in the receiver (which I also previously saturated in corrosion X), and a tin of corrosionX spray for targeted water proofing so if salt does get inside the radio pot all the components are protected.

I dread to think what life is like on a significant racing yacht with all the jobs that constantly need to be done and at what cost. Yikes

The maintenance is nearly complete and the the spare A and B spars will turn up soon for assembly along with a new set of A sails.

By the end of the week, the rig box will be complete, all connectors free of corrosion and a boat ready for the season.

Tomorrow I am giving a short presentation on Radio Sailing to a group of gentleman nearby called the Fourmarks Putting Club Should be fun.

The next Open will be in Bourneville next Sunday. I hope we have more wind than last year.

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