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Thought for the day - Time to update the boat

Having sold my home builds, it is time to work up the Britpop so it is reliable for the year. I (and my wife) cannot believe how long it takes to sort the boat for the year. Still it is better than gardening or shopping for that matter.

The jobs list completed:

  1. Internally fixed shroud broke at a ranking event. Replaced all shrouds with external hooks so they are immediately replaceable.

  2. Salt water got into the radio pot and some futaba connectors exhibited corrosion and needed replacing. Put Kilner jar seal into pot to stop water getting in and saturated everything with Corrosion X. (see pictures below.)

  3. I have learnt how to solder properly thanks to Youtube so replaced all XT30 connectors and also the corroded futaba connectors with new ones. It takes a small pair of pliers and very good eyesight to fix the latter but well worth doing.

  4. Replaced internal elastic band topping lift tensioner on jib booms with lubricated fishing elastic obtained for free from local fishing shop. Wonderful stuff and hopefully will not degrade like an elastic band.

  5. Built new rig box as last one given away.

  6. Built new boat stand as last one given away.

  7. Fit out wooden rig box bought with Britpop so I can use it to take ABC and spare A and B rig to Glasgow for nationals.

  8. Sort spare winch and switch, solder on XT 30 connectors. Red to positive and black to negative. Now I have consistency I might not fry another winch.

  9. Sourced spare rudder servo, note my previous servo went berserk when I switch it on but when I looked at the connector it was well corroded. Replaced the futaba connector and it worked like a dream.

  10. Replaced mainsheet with 50kg breaking strain dynema. Will last longer than the 35 KG line I used before

  11. Cut out extra deck patches

  12. Bought a tool box so I could organise all the boat bits.

After all this I will have a boat I have confidence in along with all the spares to take on the best this year. Even better there is no more work to to on any boat for some time. First stop Bourneville, weather permitting. Lets go racing.

This was the connector for the rudder servo. The winch connector looked equally iffy. Fingers crossed no more salt water in the radio pot

The messed up balance charger connector for the battery. All good now with the new connector

Cut down Kilner jar lid to seal radio pot

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