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Thought for the day - Visualisation and boat update

First the boat. The hull fit out is complete with keel and rudder fitted in perfect alignment. When I went to test the electronics I started charging the battery and immediately noticed it was swelling. I removed the battery outside as there are interesting stories about batteries blowing up. Two more on order. Progress is halted until new `PG spars and batteries arrive next week.

Be warned, keep an eye on your Lipo/lifo battery if you have not charged them for a while. If they show signs of expansion, get them out of the house.

Currents weights so far:

Bare hull painted 460gms

Fittings and RC 373gms

Rudder 32gms

Bulb and fin 2500gms

Rig estimate 235 to 300gms

Therefore estimate 365 to 400 gms of correctors.

Here is the boat in all its glory.

Not sure its my favourite colour but the range was limited


I wrote a bit yesterday about practice away from the race course. We are not allowed to practice at the moment but there are ways we can tune up the neural paths.

In pilates they talk about neural pathways so you can activate certain muscle sets independently. You can do the same with visualisation and using your handset.

Start by watching a video or imagine a race, say of a start and first beat, then replay in your mind over an over. Using your radio transmitter in your hands, adjust the controls as though your boat was sailing whilst watching the video replay in your head. If you haven't used visualisation before this all might seem a bit weird but it will help develop better coordination.

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