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Thought for the day - Weed

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Why are we being plagued by so much weed this year. I sail at Gosport, Emsworth and Frensham and two of the three are weed bound at the moment.

Gosport marine lake was build decades ago as a specific model yachting lake. It is filled from the sea and somehow acquired sea grasses, jelly fish and a unique prawn. It is now an area of Specific Scientific Interest so it is not possible to put anything in the water other than a vegetable dye. The weed can be cut once a year but timing is everything. Too early and the weed grows straight back. To late and you miss part of the season. One or two other model yacht ponds have been drained and have the bottom scrubbed by the members.

We have just been told that Poole is not useable for the ranking event due to the influx of jelly fish following a recent drain and fill from the sea. Thankfully they have a lake we can use.

Frensham is clogged with weed for model yachts and I suspect that Hampton court and Chipstead are heading the same way. Guildford is relatively deep water so they should not have a problem but they do not sail IOM's. Are we a victim of the warm SE weather?

At least the reservoirs might be OK including Datchet which is deep enough not to have a weed problem. We just have to hope there isn't a drought for the ranking event later in the year. I have sailed dinghies at both Datchet and Queen Mary when the water is down. Not ideal.

It looks as though the northern lakes are relatively clear of weed as I have not heard of any negative reports. I am looking forward to the West Kirby ranking event later in the year as their lake is one of the best facilities in the country.

I hope you are sailing in a weed and jelly fish free zone.

Here is the state of Frensham a couple of days ago and it has kept the radio sailing group off the water for a few weeks now. Not a pretty site and I can't see it clearing for some time. Never seen anything like it.

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