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Thought for the day - Welcome to Lincoln and the Vets Championships

What a start to the weekend. We left home on Friday at 11am and hit a traffic jam around our home town of Farnham. Sat Nav then took us on a route which had not travelled for many years and led to some interesting discoveries. However after 3 1/2 hours we got to Lincoln Radio Sailing Club to be met with wind and rain. Time for a quick blog.

On arrival into the site we were met by an exhibition of quality camper vans from a small van progressing up to 6 and 8 metre long. We felt quite small in our campervan but it was comfortable, warm and dry inside. We have a big box on the back to put all the bulky and wet items in so the inside is kept clear.

Friday afternoon was scheduled for practice but the thought of standing out in the rain was not my idea of fun and the wind is forecast to shift over 90 degrees tonight so nothing was to be gained and there were only 2 boats out sailing anyway. My immediate observation was it was shifty

Registration was quick and efficient and we met Jen Hand the organiser. Hand over the certificate and receive my name plaque for my back when racing. Thankfully she was in a small hut which I guess you could call race HQ so she could stay dry.

Lincoln radio sailing club is on a square gravel pit which is ideal for radio sailing. Whatever the wind, courses can be set relatively close to the bank. It has the advantage of being open to the South, West and East but watching the wind today, there will be all to gain by getting the shifts right. The water is about 15 feet below the bank so that is enough to disturb the wind to make life interesting.

I looked at the windy forecast today which was showing 20 gusting 37 mph but the two boats we saw sailing were sailing easily with B rig and most of the time could have sailed with the A rig so one will need to damp down the forecast for the lake tomorrow. Seems to be a common occurrence on radio sailing venues set below ground level. I remember sailing on the canoe lake at Southsea which is only 100 yards from the sea. The wind was force 5 on the coast with the waves crashing on the shore but on the lake we were sailing with A rigs in light shifty winds. Strange what a bit of elevation can do to the wind.

On Saturday the wind is forecast to be NW which conveniently is right down the shore with the race control hut on it so all should be good. On Sunday it is back to a South Westerly along the SE Shore which is also a perfect direction.

So my guess is A rig tomorrow and A rig moving to B rig on Sunday. Time will tell.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Will report back on performance tomorrow. 50 boats sailing so I am hoping for a top 10 finish but frankly have no idea.

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