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Thought for the day-What a venue

Following an easy journey from Farnham to Castle sempl, I was delighted to find the loch is a brilliant venue. Not only is there fabulous water, a visitor centre but there is also a watersports centre where there will hopefully be a shower or two. There is no fear about having to wear wellingtons when launching the boat as the water level is at least a foot down as this part of Scotland has been suffering from a shortfall of rain.

I went for a long walk around the town, the golf club and Barr Loch.

The golf course is on the side of a steep hill where the top is 150 feet above the clubhouse. You have to be fit to play there and there are no flat lies to play off, however the views are delightful.

Barr Loch was so peaceful and I spent a happy half hour on a beautiful bench watching the wildlife. Tomorrow is measuring day and maybe a bit of practice if the wind allows. Sadly the forecast for Saturday is for rain all day. Let’s hope we get lucky and it goes away.

9 campervans have arrived so far.

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