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Thought for the day - Whats going on

Not much happening on the sailing front at the moment as I have 10 rounds of golf in the next 13 days but I will squeeze in some sailing at Emsworth on Sundays. Yes I have a very considerate better half.

In between I will be adding the final touches to the boat for the nationals. Bedding in the new A rig and sails, binding a spare receiver, double checking the boat weight with the lighter weight jib and then b and c rigs, getting the additional corrector weight ready for bonding to the bottom of the boat and checking the mid point sheet hook markers on the booms.

Other than that the boat is all set and ready to be tested at Hampton court which is the only event before the Nationals.

The hours on the water racing at Gosport and Emsworth have really paid off as my hands are much steadier on the tiller and the boat is fast. The real test will be starting on a 20 boat start line in an assertive, accurate manner whilst keeping out of trouble and staying cool. What could possible go wrong?

Now here is a dream start.

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