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Thought for the day - Whats happening

I Wrote this a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post it.

In order to get the best engine i.e. sails for my IOM, I felt I had 2 choices, BG or Sailboat RC. The latter is a long distance away and I know BG provides a quality, well tested product and is relatively local. BG is also the designer of both my boats. I chose the BG route and was not disappointed. The A rig sails fitted the rig perfectly and on their first outing had a nearly perfect score. They are now back on there storage hooks until the nationals and the ranking events which seem a long way away. In the mean time I can use the perfectly good BG set that came with the boat.

By the way, does anyone know of a quick way of changing sails on a rig or do you run with two complete rigs, say a championship rig and a club rig? I am thinking the latter for A and B rig is the only solution.

There are two open meetings and two ranking events and a national championship left for the rest of the year. The MYA and the UK Class association are doing an amazing job to pull together the events we have and maybe there will be others. Interspersed with that is racing at Frensham Pond and Emsworth so fingers crossed I have enough sailing time to get up to speed for when I come up against the fast boys.

It is extraordinary at Frensham, that we have self designed and home built boats that have amazing turns of speed. Whilst they are not as all round as the top designs, they makes for great racing and keep me on my toes. We have some really talented sailors at our local pond.

An observation from sailing on Wednesday is that setting up the rig on a Britpop can be quite sensitive. Tiny movements on the backstay can make a significant difference in the balance of the boat. It is all about getting the twist balanced between the jib and the main. Get it right and the boat is beautifully balanced and the setting can be left unchanged all day. Happy days.

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