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Time on Distance

As you will know if you have been following my progress, my focus is on developing starting technique. After travelling to Three Rivers for a Marblehead GAMES event which was abandoned before it started due to lack of wind and what there was came from the wrong direction, it was off to Datchet for some Marblehead club racing.

Owing to wind direction we had reaching starts all morning, so what great time to practice time on distance approaches to the start line. My goal was to hold back until 4 seconds to go to the start and then sheet in and hit the line at speed. The joy of getting this right meant I had a tactical advantage over the fleet from the first second of racing. I repeated this in 3 out of 4 starts. Out of small beginnings.............

You should try this too.

Next weekend is the final Marblehead ranking event at Datchet. More starting practice. If I do it well I will get good results. If badly then I will get the odd bad result that plagued me all year.

Finally, remember the MYA AGM is coming up with a boat jumble beforehand. Great opportunity to meet up and talk about the years successes.

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