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Winter is here. Time for boat maintenance

Now we are sailing less it is a good time to take a close look at your boat, especially if you keep it in a boat shed. As well as a bit of maintenance you can now plan your sailing for next year as nearly all the events for 2024 are up on the web site.

There is no point reinventing the wheel on maintenance as the best tips are set out on BG Sails and Design web site. See the link HERE .

Regards electrics I find a regular coat of corrosion X keep the gremlins at bay applied in the receiver, RC connectors and battery xt30 connectors. After racing on salt water I shoot a jet of water inside the mast and booms to remove the salt from within. When I did not do this a year or so ago I accumulated a 1.5 inch column of salt in the bottom of the mast. Nasty stuff salt.

Attended the MYA boat jumble and AGM at Burghfield Sailing club yesterday and the suppliers who turned up were kept busy. There were some nice boats for sail and plenty of bits and pieces to buy. Talks were given by John Tushingham on setting up the DF and by Bill Green on winches.

The AGM said farewell to Phil Holliday who has been our Chair for the last few years It is sad to see him go and now we need to fill that position. Any volunteers. All the other officers kept their posts.

There was much discussion on sail and boat measuring but I hope the process and reasons for what we are doing are clear.

There are two events to sail this year, the Brass Monkey at Guildford and the delayed Guy Fawkes Trophy at Eastbourne.

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