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Thought for the day - Problems with the winch, or was it operator error

First of all a great shout out to Bill Green (RMG UK) who provides a super service and is so quick to respond to queries. When I disassembled and re assembled my radio gear transferring to the new boat, I could not work out why when I turned my transmitter on the winch moved by over a turn. Turn the transmitter off and it returned to its original position. A call to Bill should resolve the problem. He rightly said I should program the winch limits as per the manual which I had not dome previously and see what happens. I did that but it did not fix the problem.

Duh, I eventually remembered. On an Emsworth training zoom, their man Richard Ballas who is a radio whizz had talked out setting up failsafe mode on the transmitter. This allows you to set the rudder and the sheet on the boat so it will go round in circles rather than sail off into the distance if the boat loses radio signal. I had set this up a few weeks ago but had forgotten what it would do. Every time I turned the transmitter off, the sheet was eased a turn and a half and the rudder turned 25 degrees. Turn the transmitter on and the sheet and rudder return to their original position. Problem solved, now all I have to do is fine tune the winch setting when fully rigged.

Lesson learned - First follow the program instruction in the manual setting up the winch which will limit the range of the winch. Second, write stuff down on the checklist so if I forget next time I can go through the checklist.

A knowing look from the cat. I can tell what she is thinking...

First view of A rig. Adjustments needed as well as a counter balance on the jib.

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