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Acquire the plan

After looking at all the different designs, I concluded that anything close to a Britpop had to be the best option given my total lack of knowledge.  So I bought the Alternative design off the  BG web site and that gave me everything I needed to build the boat including the correct rig setup measurements.  

Start with the plans.jpg

What do you get in the plans

  1. Design notes

  2. Deck layout

  3. Deck plan with equipment positions

  4. Side elevation with all measurement from the stern datum

  5. Hull frames

  6. Foredeck frames

  7. Hull opening templates

  8. Mast rigging layout

  9. Jib boom layout

  10. Main boom layout 

  11. One additional piece on the BG website is the rake settings for the Alternative

Once I had all the plans, I was confident I had all the information needed to construct the boat.

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Build the Plug

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