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Thought for the Day - Complete parts list for an IOM

Having got to the end of my journey on building IOM's, here is the complete parts list which will get you on the water. All the potential suppliers are listed on the web site under "Useful web sites". You will have to hunt around for the most competitively priced parts. There is only one supplier who will supply you with all you need.

I will update the web site to reflect all the optimisation that has gone on in rigging and fittings. My focus will move onto racing the boats as the season kicks off in early January.

Here is the full parts list:






Patch material for deck openings

Radio Control

Radio pot


Rudder servo


Connector for tiller to rudder servo

Sheet winch and switch


Fittings for boat

3 jib attachment bolt eyes

4 Jib sheet eyes made from bent wire

2 shroud attachment eyebolts with separate shroud adjuster bottle screw

Free pulley block and screw down pulley block for Sheeting system

Mainsheet Post

Back stay eye bolt

Silicon drainage plug

Mast Ram


11mm Masts tubes for A, B and C rig (C may not be necessary if you sail on an inland pond)

11mm Main Booms

10mm Lightweight jib booms or use 11mm tubing.

A B and C rig fittings

Masthead fitting with backstay crane and wire for mainsail head

2 hooks for shroud and jib attachment to front of mast

2 shrouds with eyebolt and spreader fittings. No spreaders required on C rig

Backstay wire and hook

Gooseneck with fitting for 11mm boom including kicking strap


Pre drilled with holes for sheet hook

Sail clew fitting

Sheet take off fitting

Sheet hook

Rubber O ring to secure sheet hook

2 2.5mm cable ties for cunningham adjustment

Jib Boom

Tack fitting to attach luff wire and Cunningham

2 2.5 cable ties for Cunningham adjustment

Clamp for attaching boom to foredeck eyebolt

Sheet hook or bowsie for height adjustment of jib boom

2 rubber O rings to hold sheet hooks

Sheet take off bracket

Jib clew bracket

Self tensioning system for jib topping lift

Counterweight 15-25gm


1 bowsie for tightening jackstay

Thin line for tying luff loosely to mast


Hook at head for rake adjustment and bowsie

Wire topping lift and adjustment bowsie


75kg line for jib tack, jib boom attachment to foredeck, back stay adjuster

50kg line for mainsheet and sheeting system

35kg line for jib sheet, cunninghams, jack stay tensioner

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