Thought for the day - When the set up is right, leave it for the day

I sailed at Frensham Pond yesterday in 3-8 knots of breeze. The rig was set up for the lightest condition at the start of the day but I made sure that when the mainsheet was full on, it would hold the leach up in the stronger puffs. With the ratchet sheet toggle on the Futaba transmitter it was easy to go from full in to slightly eased with one click of the toggle. It is amazing how much faster the boats accelerate when the sheet is eased.

The set up was successful and with 8 or 9 boats out, my worst discard result was a 2nd in the last race. Other than easing the back stay over lunch I made no changes to the setup.

Next stop is Emsworth tomorrow and then Gosport next week. All good for practice starting for the Nationals but not the build up needed for three day with likely B and C rigs. Maybe the forecasted warm wave of weather will hit over the Nationals weekend. Ice creams or umbrellas. You never know, this is England after all.

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