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Thought for the day - Inside the radio pot

In the article Darren talked about the importance of keeping your electrics out of the water and covering with Vaseline or silicon grease. He put a layer of neoprene on the base of his battery and receiver to keep them off the bottom of the radio pot to protect them from any water ingress. I thought a step further for a simple neat solution and found you can use sticky back velcro which sticks like you know what, even to Correx, to keep the battery and servo components separate and off the bottom of the pot. You can also put a tiny piece on the end of the receiver wires to keep them at 90 degrees to each other for optimum radio signal performance. Remember to position the battery on the centreline of the boat.

On other news the corrector weights have arrived and are ready for moulding, after I get the rig in place and can calculate the exact final corrector weight.

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