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Thought for the day - Last jobs before launch

The boat is fully fitted, all three rigs are set up using the rig measuring stick and starting settings noted on my check list. The radio control transmitter has been checked internally to ensure there are no wires touching the gimbals for the sheets and rudder sticks. Any contact can create very strange random behaviour on the gimbals. The radio setting on the transmitter are as the checklist.

The weight of the boat was checked for all 3 rigs and correctors installed on the B and C rigs. These were the 10gm mast inserts I bought from Sailsetc. Because I saved 20 gms on the A rig I can use 20gm less of correctors on the B and C rig.

I also taped around the mast at lower deck level to stop any sideways movement as well as add a modified heel shape to stop the mast rotating so the spreaders do not come out of alignment when launching using the mast. See bottom picture.

The all up weight of the boat with each rig is between 4004-6 gm .

The 3 deck patches are in place so she is ready to go for her first outing on Monday which happens to be my birthday. Great timing for splashing the boat.

Next steps are to put together a training and sailing program to build up for the Nationals and any indicator events.

A couple of pictures below .

The finished boat looking very smart but I think I want some stickers on the patches to brighten the look.

The c rig has 80gm of corrector. 6 inside the mast and two strapped on with cable ties and tape.

Tape applied to stop any sideways movement of the mast at deck level and a half cut of mast section taped on at the base of the mast to prevent any rotation.

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