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Thought for the day - "Tomorrow will be a good day"

If I had written this yesterday, I would have quoted Captain Tom. a hundred year old man who walked the length of his garden every day to do his bit for charity and entered the guinness book of records for the staggering amounts he made during covid. His quote was "Tomorrow will be a good day.

So what happened today. The Frensham IOM Open, brilliantly run by the local Radio sailors, was a success despite the light and fluky winds. Our team of organisers held their nerve and kept the same course all day despite the first beat was occasionally sailed on starboard, then on port and then a full beat. The team operated faultlessly through the day and apart from the only problem being a faulty computer cable connecting the laptop to the computer which was quickly resolved.

The first start was close to 10am and the heats ran smoothly though the day.

How did I do. Well the results speak for themselves. I made every start from the middle of the line as no-one had any idea where the wind was going to come from next. The plan worked and I was able to put together a consistent set of results to win. Fast and free was the mantra for the day.

I wish I could say it was local knowledge but we have not had that wind or course ever so it was new to all.

My thanks to the organiser and all the visitors who made this a successful event and the added novelty of tea and sandwiches beside the pond. So British.

The other piece of news today was the new UK rankings were published and I am now up13th on the list on the back of my Coalhouse Fort result. Even if we pick 2 out of 3 events I recon I will be in the top 20. So a lot to live up to at the next ranking event at Milton Keynes and an opportunity to improve further.

Back to intensive training when we eventually get some decent wind

The results and ranking list.

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