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Thought for the day - Updated ranking lists

I know the ranking lists are slightly artificial at the moment with several of the top players not having completed enough events but it is nice to see where I stand currently. The real proof of my development will be at West Kirby when we see the top of the IOM fleet out on the water. Can't wait.

If anyone is interested the focus on training for the next two is as follows:

Back to school on tactics and strategy - study the book

Learn to control the steering so I steer straight and not a wiggly line at speed. I am not giving other boats a chance to get out of my way

Tack and gybe smoothly

Smoother/efficient mark rounding

Stationary starts and opening a gap to leeward

Fast starts

Develop high mode and low mode

Easing sheet slightly after a tack. Tendency to overdo easing

Tacking in a breeze and chop

Figure out how to get away faster from windward marks as I tend to get rolled easily.

Work to do on the local pond. I hope the weed clears soon.

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