Thought for the day - Useful articles on the mental approach to racing

When researching information for a future dinghy racing website similar to this site but without the boat build, I came across some good info on the mental approach.

Sailing Zing has some really good articles relating to US small boat lake sailing but some of the articles are relevant to Radio Sailing. Take a look at the following articles on mental approach.

I particularly like the focus on 3 questions you should constantly ask yourself around the race course. Briefly:

Where are you on the race course and where should you be heading?

Where are you in relation to the wind?

Where are you in relation to the fleet?

The article on Tactical Intelligence, managing your thought processes explains all.. Have a look at the site. There is a lot of good stuff but you have to filter through it to find the relevant stuff.


By the way, apart from Frensham and Emsworth club racing the next outing is an open meeting at Chipstead and Milton Keynes in early and late July. 30 boat limits due to COVID regulations.

Next jobs are to strip off the competition sails now they are measured and put the used BG sails supplied with the boat which are in pretty food nick.

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